Free iPhone Wallpaper

The sun is out but we can’t enjoy it as we usually would – due to the c-word that I won’t mention now. So I thought I’d share something with you to brighten your day a bit…

Who doesn’t like to update their phone wallpaper every now and then? I know I do. I’ve got a few photos that would work great on your phone screen and I thought I’d share them with you. Click on the images to download the sets of 4 wallpaper files. Your computer will automatically download a zip file which includes 4 jpg files each.

set 1: summer

set 2: Brighton, UK

set 3: spring

set 4: misc

The images are optimised for a phone resolution of 1920x1080pixel at 72dpi. If your phone has a longer screen, the image will be displayed differently.


All photos have been taken by me. The files are copyrighted and cannot be sold or claimed to be created by anyone else but Anja Poehlmann.