Janne & Martin . Engagement photos

Janne and Martin are getting married in Zwickau this fall. But since they are living in Rostock we decided to do their engagement photos there. By car it’s just a few minutes to get to the Baltic Sea and for a moment I felt like I was on vacation. Usually I have to drive for hours or get on a plane even to get to a beach that’s not just attached to a little lake. It was great, even though it was cold, windy and loud. We also visited the Rostock city harbour and the city center. I got a litle sightseeing tour and discovered this cute little town by photographing a sweet couple in love. Aww! I’m already really excited for their wedding in September but for now I present you their engagement photos.

Rostock coupleshootOstsee PaarfotosStrand Baltic Sea Ostsee03a Rostock Wald coupleshootRostock Stadthafen Janne+MartinNorddeutschland couple loveRostock Paarfotos Janne+MartinRostock Skyline Verlobungsfotosengagementshooting love coupleRostock verlobt engagedRostock Germany OstseeBastic Sea VerlobungsfotosRostock PaarfotosRostock Stadthafen PaarfotosRostock Ostsee

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