Amrita & Adrian . Wedding at Aynhoe Park, UK

This summer I had the pleasure of shooting alongside two amazing photographers from the UK. I’ve never second shot for anyone before so that was definitely a great experience, especially since British weddings are way different from German weddings. Coincidentally both weddings I got to shoot were Indian weddings so I guess to truly see how English weddings work I’ll have to try again…
Anyway, today I want to show you the amazing wedding of Amrita and Adrian at Aynhoe Park in the county of Oxford, England. Ann-Kathrin Koch, a seriously talented photographer from Birmingham/Hamburg, let me tag along to capture the sunny and happy wedding day at what I would call the most photogenic, crazy and random venue I’ve ever seen. I’m talking dicso balls, unicorns, giraffes, deers, bears, globes and much more unexpected decor and details. These are a few of my personal favorite photos that I took but you can see the whole beauty of the day (and the venue) on Ann-Kathrins Blog.

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  1. Woooow, was für super schöne Bilder!! 🙂 Wahnsinns Kleid, tolle Haare und sooo schönes weiches Licht in der Kirche. Hach, echt toll gemacht!

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