It's coming up to Christmas and to share the joy with you, how about a little Christmas giveaway? Are you in?

You might know the Christmas Carol “Twelve Days of Christmas”… I stole my idea from that song really – giving you the opportunity to win a variety of small and big prizes over the course of 12 days. But have you ever really listened to the lyrics? There are geese, maids, golden rings and drummers involved. I don’t have any of those to give away. Sorry!

I do think my prizes might be more up your sleeve though. Every day for 12 days, starting on the 1st of December, I’m giving away a different prize. Those squares below lead to the individual offers and depending on what day we are on, there will be a sign-up form ready for you. Leave your name and email address to enter the prize draw.

You can already look at what’s behind each of the “doors” so if you see something you really want to win, make sure you set yourself an alarm or follow me on Instagram to be the first to see what I’m giving away each day.

These prizes relate loosely to my services as a Family and Brand Photographer. A few offers are region-specific to the East/West Sussex coastline area.


  • You can enter every day if you want.
  • Anybody can enter but please be aware that some prizes are very specifically suited for those living in the Brighton to Worthing area.
  • Even if you enter twice a day, it’ll still only count as 1 entry.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for money.
  • You can gift your prize to someone else – but if you do, please do let me know. That is especially relevant for any prizes that have to do with my services.


I am aware that the 12 days of Christmas traditionally run from Dec 25th to January 5th – but first of all I don’t want all of you (nor me) glued to your phones over Christmas. And secondly, isn’t it nice to win a prize in time for Christmas rather than after? Exactly!