Katta & Simon married

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Katta & Simon married

Simon and Katta got married on July 3rd in Zwickau.
Not much talking today, more pictures instead.

Decoration was done by cloud9design.

Princess bride getting ready…

The ceremony: Moritzkirche Zwickau

Portraits (in the almost unbearable heat)

Reception. There was cake, there were fun games and lots of great music.
Sadly, the cake suffered a little.
In the afternoon people chilled inside…
… or outside, using some kind of water installation as a pool.
And finally the band came on stage and people danced the night away.


  1. himmel, anja! die bilder sind unglaublich!!!

    nicht nur die bildschärfe (die 5D?), auch die aufmachung, die auswahl… irre!

    kein wunder, dass du einen auftrag nach dem anderen bekommst. 🙂

  2. Wirklich super!
    Kann mich nur anschlieĂźen und den Hut ziehen. Klasse Fotos unterstreichen klasse Erinnerungen.

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