England in black and white

I was going through some old prints, looking for something I already forgot about and came across a picture of Melissa and me, taken in 2008. I know Melissa through flickr, the first platform I used to share my photos. In 2007 one of my best friends moved to London, a city I’ve never been to, so I went there and also asked Melissa, who I knew lived somewhat close to London, if she wanted to hang out. So we met in Cambridge. Since then, whenever I went somewhere on vacation alone, I made it a mission to ask someone I only knew through the glorious interwebs, to hang out with me and I love how open people are to meeting someone just because you ask them.

Anyway, 2008 was the first time I visited London. I’ve been back quite a few times since then and will be there again twice this summer. I can’t wait – there’ll be so many great adventures waiting for me. It’s gonna be different this time though, for a number of reasons that don’t matter right now. But since I found this photo of Melissa and me I decided go through my archives and re-edit a few shots I took in England back then. In black and white only – this is how you do selective color ;-)

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