Who I am

Hi, my name is Anja. I was born in Germany and now live in the beautiful city of Brighton, UK.
I have red hair and blue eyes – which I’ve been told is quite a rare combination. I’m a very positive person, I love to travel and discover the world, love the big city buzz and meeting people. I do crossfit and I also love chocolate, lots of it! And tea and kittens – well, who doesn’t, right?! Ok, back on track here… Standing still and being patient is not something I’m good at, I do eventually lose my train of thought sometimes, and I like punctuality and having things in order – I guess that’s my German heritage.

I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer available not only in the UK and all over Europe. As I’ve said, I love to travel so I’d be happy to photograph you wherever you want me to. My approach is to document your day, your family and you in the most natural way possible.

Anja by Adrienne Pitts
Photos by Adrienne Pitts